Monday, 19 March 2012

Layout legs/supports

The 3 baseboard sections are sitting on the garage floor at the moment, but with all this rain, I wanted to get them up away from the water. I hadnt come up with an idea for supports when I happened upon these..

They are the frames from bog standard "directors" chairs(from Ikea, Bunnings..etc). I found 5 of them.The canvas parts of the chair were ruined, thats why the chairs were thrown out, but the frames are as new. 
I wanted legs that could fold away just incase I move the layout at any point, so these seem good.
They aren't quite the height I want, but I think I can add extra height to them.
Layout support problem solved.

I should point out at this stage that I have built the baseboards so far, with reclaimed materials, ply, masonsite and pine. I have even used reclaimed nails,screws and coach bolts. All materials were as new(if not new) and most were found on the local council clean ups around my area, even the screws,bolts..etc, found new in packets, thrown out!...

The use of reclaimed materials isn't for financial reasons(although it did saved me $), but rather, I saw so much good material being thrown out for the tip, that it begged to be "reworked" into new things, including a model railway layout!

..waste not, want not..


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