Monday, 9 April 2012

Up off the ground

My better half  had an old school friend over today, so I was asked if I  "had some work I could do outside today?"

 Great, I sure do!
I headed straight out to the shed to see if I could finalise the fascia and frame, and get the whole layout up onto legs(well...chairs)

It took me several hours, but finally the layout was up on the 5 chair frames. They are nice and steady too.

Unforunately, the chairs can't be raised in height and are a bit low/short(the track is at stomach height), so they will only be used while I construct the layout.

I also took the opportunity to weather some of my fleet with the airbrush while I was out there and I will upload those pics next time.
Here is a shot of the join between 2 of the boards, with the chair frame underneath.

Again, just laying the track loose to get the feel for thetrackwork,  this is the crossover at the city end of the platform, Most trains arrive and depart from the lower right track over the points to the platform,top left track. The loop is top right, storage siding is lower left track.
A lone 4 car set sits at the city end of the storage siding area, not going anywhere yet (no track down). 
Close up of one of the baseboards joining the next...


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