Monday, 11 June 2012

Epping Model Train show

Went out to the Epping Model show today, was great to see some modelling in person.
 Ive been a bit slack lately and still need to buy some track and point motors to proceed forward with my layout.
Anyway, saw some nice layouts, a few not seen before. It was quiet when I was there so I spoke to several operators about their layouts. I questioned 1 operator at "Yendys) about their OHW/Catenary for some time.
It is all scratchbuilt and is impressive in detail. The blocks of units on the layout also was well done, 1 in particular getting comments from several patrons. The operator removed parts of the block to show me that it was made of cardboard! You wouldnt know it from the outside though..cardboard eh?..

Anyway, here are some pics I took, new camera so some are blurred.etc.

Waterfall, very nice, tidy modelling, scaled well.The ballast looked nice.

Yendys, spent some time here as this is within my area of interest, modern suburban electrics. Some of you may recall I talked about ballast quality on layouts, this one had nice ballast, smooth and well coloured.

7mm scale(O scale), Beautiful, I cant even look at this stuff, too nice, too much fine detail, I may be converted....move!

Punchbowl CS, I didnt actually catch the name of this one? though PCS it is I believe.
Nice to see a dedicated layout for suburban electrics. Wonder who could tackle Hornsby or Flemo? Looks good, appears to be in progress.

Bergs stand, light on charlie ash this week so none of these this time..

There were other layouts, but I didnt get shots of them, all were good, I recall an N scale VR layout, plus small Euro(German?) layout run by 2 ladies, and 1 called Boorawa(?), meant to get shots, looked nice, nice modelling, great colour use. I like layouts that look like a painting, Boorawa did.
Great show!


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