Saturday, 8 September 2012

Spring time modelling begins!

It's been some time since my last post and even longer since I did any work on the layout, I've just had too many other things to get done, plus it's been cold over winter.
But spring is here and it's time to get crackin'

One thing that had stalled my layout progress was needing some extra track to finalise the trackplan, catchpoints specifically.
I had ordered these from the UK, as the local outlet here in Sydney had recently put them up in price,shame.
I got 3 left hand sets, as per the Cronulla track set-up.

I have pondered the other things that will need to be done, like scenery, ballast..etc, but I've got to get the trackwork sorted before the plaster comes out!


I recently revisited the AMRA over at Mortdale one friday night,  not sure if it was structured running or not, but I turned up with my Roco HO Munich S-Bahn sets(blue & orange).

There were a few guys running NSW freight and the club president appeared to be running NSW steam locos.

Unfortunately, neither of my S-bahn sets responded when put on the track, at all.
I checked the switch for the overhead/track power, but still no?
I have had the sets for about 15years but had'nt run them for a while, but they run flawlessly, I know they do, like all Roco. 
Strange stuff....I still need to retest them here at home, I'm sure their fine.

Anyway here is some of the pics I took, many of the last ones are of the clubs "N scale" layout which is largely finished minus some detail still to be added....

One of my "stabled" S-Bahn's

Some of the NSW freight workings..

N scale
Large layout with sweeping curves, based on North-western NSW if I remember correctly..

Honey, I'm home!

Bee right there...

Nice detail for such a large N scale layout.


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