Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Sydney Opera House opening 1973 single deck set

Finally, some real modelling! (even if it isn't my own)
I have just finished adding decals to a Bergs Clyde set belonging to a fellow modeller. He bought the set  specially for me to apply the decals.

The pattern was carried by the real thing for a while back in 1973 to celebrate to opening of the Sydney Opera House. There were several designs applied to other sets aswell. Pictures of them are in the book Sydneys Electric Trains (John Beckhaus and Stephen Halgren)

I have actually designed 2 more of the other patterns but they have not been printed yet as I wanted to see how these ones went first. The patterns were designed in AutoCad and then printed on an ALPS printer.

Here's the shots...

I think they look very nice! 

The decals were like any other waterslide decal, easy to position and set. It probably took me about 2 hours to do the 4 car set.
Once I have printed and checked all of the designs, I will be offering them for sale to other modellers of NSW suburbans..


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